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In-Ground Pools – Vinyl and Shotcrete/Gunite Pools

If you are looking for a beautiful custom-designed in-ground pool that’s built to last for generations to come, Poolscape Concepts can build exactly what you are looking for. We can design your in-ground pool in any shape that you like, whether you have a special landscape or you would like your pool to match your home’s architecture.

Poolscape Concepts offers both in-ground vinyl and shotcrete pools. Whether you are looking for standard shapes or extensive design flexibility, Poolscape Concepts can help you choose the perfect solution.

In addition to the creative freedom that comes with our in-ground pools, everything we build is extremely strong and durable. With superior materials and craftsmanship, you can rest assured that when you choose Poolscape Concepts, you are investing in a beautiful in-ground pool that’s build to last. This means you can have the best-looking, and longest-lasting pool on the block. Learn about the Fox difference.

The Ultimate Pool

Poolscape Concepts is the only pool company in Nassau and Suffolk counties to offer The Ultimate Pool, a unique solution perfect for budgets of under $30K. In addition to being very affordable, The Ultimate Pool can be installed above ground, semi in-ground or completely in-ground to fit any yard or slope. The 14-gauge in-ground quality, powder coated steel used in The Ultimate Pool gives it unmatched strength and durability.

The Ultimate Pool features 2 styles of  maintenance-free composite top cap or fullnose pavers can also be used. The in-ground pool plumbing and skimmer provides better circulation than standard above-ground pools. Plus, The Ultimate Pool is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. For more information go HERE


Ready for a relaxing getaway right in your own backyard? Poolscape Concepts can add a variety of spa configurations  to enhance your backyard experience. Round, rectangle, deck level, raised with masonry finish, overflow, or stand alone. Check out spas we offer HERE


Service & Maintenance

Poolscape Concepts can not only build you the pool of your dreams, we will help you keep it the pool of your dreams. Our full service maintenance team will ensure that whether you’re throwing a last minute party or getting ready for a change in the seasons, your pool is well-maintained.

Poolscape Concepts provides weekly maintenance service, winterizing, summerizing, liner exchanges, gunite renovations and more. Our commitment to your enjoyment goes far beyond building the pool of your dreams. Our long list of loyal clientele will tell you that we’re here for you, whether you need us in a day or in year!

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The Best Pool Water Starts with UV Pool Systems

SpectraLight Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Systems harness the power of ultraviolet light to lower chemical levels, eliminate chlorine by-products, and to make pools safe, healthy, and easier to manage. Researchers are telling us that less is more when it comes to pool chemicals.Poolscape Concepts is an authorized reseller/installer of SpectraLight Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Systems in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.