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Pool Planning 2015 Season Starts Now to Beat the Heat for This Summer

Posted by: Pool Scape Concepts | March 5th, 2015

Poolscape Concepts, Inc Offers Practical Tips for Creating Your Own Backyard Oasis

It is not too early or too late to start planning your back yard resort you’ve been thinking about. Don’t hesitate, because now is pool-planning season. Start your planning now and beat the upcoming rush with an affordable, energy-efficient environment for connecting with family and friends.

Poolscape Concepts, Inc recommends these 5 tips for starting the pool-planning process:
1. Ask yourself – and those most important to you – what you’d enjoy out of having a pool and spa.

• Your pool is an extension of the most popular living areas of your home. Think not just about a pool, but an environment that will meet your needs, suits your lifestyle, and will bring you the most joy when you’re slipping into the water with family and friends.

2. Consider affordability.

Pools can be surprisingly affordable. Your individual costs will depend on such considerations as size, spa or other water features, screen or landscaped enclosures, heater (gas, heat pump or solar) and deck or patio design. As you advance in planning, you’ll also review the quality of workmanship and design, underground strength, ease of maintenance, warranty, and service, financing options.

3. Think about how the ideal pool type will meet your needs, budget, and setting.

What size and shape will fit your surroundings? Need help? Let us know. From there, you’ll start to think about what materials will work and how the purchase and installation fit with your budget.

4. Consider equipment and other options.

Will you want fresh water, salt water, or another alternative? Should your pool be heated? What kind of equipment will keep the water sparkling and energy needs low? A good pump is essential, so ask about energy efficiency, PSEGLI Rebates for 2015, quiet operation, etc.

5. Where should your pool go?

There’s a size, shape, and type of pool for almost any environment. From patios to landscaping, from outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to cascading waterfalls, fountains, there are countless – and affordable – ways to make your pool an inviting addition to your home.

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